Mensaje de Álex desde el campo intermedio antes del C1

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Hello, this is Alejandro Fernandez for the SummitClimb Shishapangma expedition on the 16th of September at 4:30 p.m.

We are now in the half camp at 5829 metres and the weather is very nice. Although we thought some clouds and maybe some bad weather were coming, it turned out to be nice today.

Today we have been training on the glacier. That means we’ve been testing the equipment, making sure we have everything necessary for climbing, and doing some training on the techniques for fixed rope ascending. All of the team except for Karsten has been participating. That means Dan from the US/UK, Haris from Greece, Bart from the Netherlands, Richard from Ireland, and of course me from Spain.

Our initial plan for tomorrow is to try to get to camp 1 and set up the tents and the rest of camp. Now I’m going to say something in Spanish (please click the audio link).

I hope this message finds you very well wherever you are. I think we’re having a great expedition and I hope it continues going well. Bye. Ciao
Aquí os paso un enlace a un mensaje de Alejandro en el que cuenta que todo está en orden: Audio Álex



  1. Vik says:

    Sigue así y aunque me repita, pisa seguro. Aquí esperamos todos ansiosos tus noticias.
    Ánimo y mucha suerte.

  2. Ali says:

    Aleeexxx!!! Se te oye estupendo! Tan Fernandez Riba como siempre, olé olé. Pisa fuerte y agarrate bien. Un abrazo!

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